Reconnecting with nature in Thurston County

New Experience Olympia & Beyond app helps make the connection

By Marie Hanley on July 1, 2022

For those looking to get away from the hustle of urban life and to reconnect with the beauty of nature, a short drive to Thurston County may be in order.

To make the getaway more convenient, Experience Olympia & Beyond, which is the Visitor and Convention Bureau for Thurston County, recently announced its partnership with the State of Washington Tourism and the Tread Map mobile app in order to share the county's outdoor recreational assets.

"Our mission is to reveal the most iconic experiences in Thurston County for the world to discover," wrote Annette Pitts, the CEO of Experience Olympia & Beyond. "Since 1973 we have worked to help support the economic health of Thurston County by promoting visitation and overnight lodging to the area. Put simply, it is sustainable tourism."

The hyper-local content in the Tread Map is provided by those out on the trails and waterways or are managing the land. The app is constructed for trail users and includes four-season, real-time updates.

"It's available for download now," continued Pitts, "although the app is still being developed and has some functionality restrictions in place."

It there a fallen tree blocking a trail? Is the parking lot full? The app provides real-time updates that alert users to current conditions.

Most mapping tools are solely for helping hikers choose a trail based on a one-time description and the ability to use the global positioning system (GPS) as they navigate a route.

"The Tread Map app not only provides guidance about what trails might be the best fit based on the description, but what folks posted just a few minutes ago before the individual decided on the outing," continued Pitts.

The app allows hikers to be aware of the following:

Pitts mentioned that the app not only allows outdoor enthusiasts to choose the destination that is best for them at that moment, but also that the information it provides promotes what is best for the trail and the community.

"Come explore our incredible outdoor spaces using the Tread Map app and be sure to build in extra time for some incredible locally-sourced cuisine and a good night's sleep in one of our local hotels or a B&B," concluded Pitts.

For more information about the app, visit Tread Map Mobile App | Experience Olympia.

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