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Clubs offer opportunities for connection

A variety of club exist for soldiers and spouses

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Whether you are a civilian or active duty soldier, joining a club helps you get to know the area you live in, as well as the people around you.  At Fort Lewis Army Base and McChord Air Force Base there are a variety of clubs that soldiers, spouses, and businesses can join. 

Association of the U.S. Army (AUSA)

The AUSA is a civilian, non-profit organization that serves as the Army’s voice to congress, at a national level.    At the local level, the organization sponsors fundraising events and helps support local activities, such as Organizational Day.  
“We organize barbecues, provide volunteers, and help support activities at Fisher House and Madigan,” says Carlene Joseph, the vice-president of military relations at Harborstone Credit Union, and the president of the Fort Lewis Chapter of the AUSA. 

“We offer boots on the ground support.”

At Fort Lewis the AUSA is open to any individual, or business.  To join the AUSA, or to get more information, email Carlene of the armed services pay dues based on rank, and individual and businesses pay dues based on type of membership. All dues include the monthly Army magazine.

Air Force Association (AFA)

At McChord, the Air Force Association, a civilian, non-profit, organization has a local chapter.  The Air Force Association , with 230 chapters nationwide, educates the public about the role of aerospace power in the defense of our nation, supports the United States Air Force, the Air Force family, and aerospace education.

To join the AFA, visit  There is a small annual fee, which includes the cost of Air Force Magazine.

Officers’ Spouses’ Club Ft. Lewis

The Officers’ Spouses’ Club of Fort Lewis is open to all spouses of officers, warrants, department of army civilian employees who are GS7 and above, and active duty officers.

The OSC also offers a running club, jogging stroller runners, quilting, bowling, Bunko, scrapbooking, and two book clubs.
Membership dues are $25 per year and include: a membership directory, Soundings Newsletter, and monthly programs. To join, submit your application and payment of $25 to OSCFL, Attn: Membership, P.O. Box 340, Dupont, WA, 98347.

The Officers’ Spouses’ Club McChord

The Officers’ Spouses’ Club of McChord is open to all spouses of active duty and retired air force officers and other military officer’s spouses in the McChord/Ft. Lewis area.

In addition to lunch, brunches, a book club, and Bunko, this club runs a thrift shop that earned $35,000 for the Welfare Fund which provides money for scholarships. 
Membership dues are $72 per year.  There are additional charges of $9 to $18 for the cost of meals at monthly programs.

To join, submit an application in person, at the Northwest Connection Club, and OSC function, or by mailing your application to McChord OSC, P.O. Box 4088, McChord AFB, WA 98438. 

Enlisted Spouses’ Club Ft. Lewis

The Enlisted Spouses Club at Fort Lewis is open to all enlisted spouses, retirees, civilians, and female active duty.  The club sponsors social functions and a Christmas gift wrap.

Dues are $15 a year. To join the ESC, or for more information call 253-967-5849.

Enlisted Spouses’ Club McChord

The ESC holds annual fundraisers, educational seminars, deployed family dinners, lectures, craft nights, luncheons, and children’s activities. 
Dues are $20 a year.  To join the ESC, or for more information call 253-861-1439.

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