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Sign language with babies in Tacoma

Signs taught by Briggs in her My Smart Hands Tacoma classes

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Are you tired of guessing what your little one wants?  Would you like to be able to communicate with your baby or toddler now instead of waiting until they feel like talking?  Are you concerned that you are not bonding as much as you want to with your child? 

If you answer is yes to one or more of these questions, then perhaps a class taught by certified baby sign language instructor with My Smart Hands, Ruth Briggs, is what you and your little one should take together. 

Why teach babies words in sign?  Research studies have shown that teaching babies and toddlers sign language, even the ones that hear just fine, actually improve their communication skills and encourage them to talk sooner, not later.

Growing up, Briggs read and read and read.  Her parents loved books and had many available for her to read.  She self-taught herself signs at a young age because her parents had a book about American Sign Language (ASL).  It intrigued her then and still does, now.

Briggs knows firsthand how important communicating with a child is and the frustration of not knowing what they want when they are upset, sick, or sad.  Briggs has been teaching her daughter, now age 5, ASL signs for years.

Signs taught by Briggs in her My Smart Hands Tacoma classes are incorporated with familiar songs like "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and include the all-important signs for hungry, tired, and bathroom.  Briggs does not teach ASL fluency, but all signs are ASL and therefore can be recognized by those that do use ASL.  Each parent and child receives a manual to share during class sessions and for reference at home as well as the included CD. 

The bonding that comes from learning signs with your child continues far beyond when you take a class or sign your first word together.  It connects you with another way to communicate and allows you to do so no matter where you are located.

Signing to your child and having them sign back is a wonderful experience.  Interested in seeing a demonstration?  Schedule one for your daycare, play group, or neighbors today.  For more information, please contact Briggs at or 253.238.1234.  Please note that these classes are for babies and toddlers that hear.  If your child has hearing problems, Briggs is happy to recommend a professional that is qualified to work with you and your child.

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