JBLM community mayors welcomed at ceremony

By Norman McKay, JBLM Public Affairs Office on April 29, 2022

JOINT BASE LEWIS-MCCHORD - Toward the end of 2021, Joint Base Lewis-McChord began recruiting community mayors for its five base housing districts. These mayors serve as a voice for the communities and advocate for quality-of-life initiatives.

"Each of those districts has the subordinate 22 communities," said Col. Phillip Lamb, JBLM commander. "Right now, we have 20 of 22 communities that have been identified for mayors. We are still out-standing on two."

The 20 JBLM community mayors were introduced and officially welcomed during the Community Leadership Information Forum at the American Lake Conference Center April 19.

"This is a community, and communities have mayors," said Lt. Gen. Xavier Brunson, I Corps commander. "(The mayors) are the people who are going to avail those who live in our neighborhoods to all of the resources necessary to handle our business. One of the things that we're doing is we got the (Neighborhood Engagement and Advisory Team) back in the neighborhoods again so we don't fall into crisis ever again in our neighborhoods."

As part of the NEAT program, senior, active-duty service members serve as specially trained resident advocates and ensure rule compliance throughout base housing.

Brunson said JBLM is taking a three-pronged view of the housing area. Specifically, the NEAT program, JBLM community mayors and community policing.

"My vision for this ... is that we start to take care of ourselves like a real community," Brunson said as he addressed the JBLM community mayors. "Understand that what you're doing is important. You're the link from the command to the garrison to our families to accomplish some great things together. We have to build a sense of community. Everybody that's on our installation ought to feel as if they belong. And (the mayors) are all a part of that."

The JBLM community mayors are:






Those housing residents interested in becoming a JBLM community mayor in one of the two vacant communities of Greenwood or Eagle View can call Command Sgt. Maj. Waylon Petty, JBLM command sergeant major, at 253-732-2976.

"Thanks for what all you're going to mean to this installation," Brunson said. "We have the opportunity here to do some really great things together, and I appreciate your willingness to volunteer to do it."