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Germany FAQ’s for those headed across the pond

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FROM MILITARY DUTY STATIONS...I have had lots of blog posts on Germany but there never seems to be enough information out there. One wonderful source:

Meet Jennifer:

Jennifer Hamrick is an Army wife living in Wiesbaden, Germany.  She has four sons and homeschools the three oldest, which gives them great opportunities to see Europe first hand.  Jennifer loves her new Nikon D300S, a recent gift from her husband after they worked for a few years to pay off all their debt.  While she loves music, the past few years she's been filling her iPod with Dave Ramsey's podcast which keep her motivated.  In short, she's a debt-free, picture-taking, mom-to-boys, Army wife living in Germany, loving every minute of it!   You can keep up with her

She allowed me to share her experience here on as a kind of FAQ's - her advice is extensive and I thank her very much for sharing it with the world!

Phones: We had planned to get at least one pre-pay phone right away.  Is it a process to get one?  - No, you can buy a $20 phone at the PX/shoppette and just add minutes to it as you go.  Some people live their entire time in Europe on these phones. Not me.  Matt and I happily went with iPhones as soon as we got here.  LOVE THEM!

Home phone and internet:  We bundled our internet and home phone service for a monthly fee.  Within that reasonable amount is unlimited calling to the states except for toll-free calls.

There are plenty of ways to get phones/internet and ‘plug' in.


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