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New Tricare pregnancy portal

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TriWest has unveiled a new portal for military families who are at various stages in their pregnancy and new parents.

Located at, the site is aimed to support families who are thinking about adding to the family naturally or via adoption, who are currently pregnant, or who have recently had a baby and might need a helping hand.

The site offers tips for those wanting to get pregnant, complete with dietary and surrogacy information. For those who are unsure about whether TRICARE covers infertility treatments, the site also offers plenty of material for various options.

For women who are currently pregnant, the portal has every tool imaginable. The basics, such as nutritional information, emotional health and local military clinics, are there, but the portal takes support a step further by offering a text message service that updates expectant mothers about their pregnancy every week and into the baby's first year.

New parents have resources available to them as well. With guidelines about how to enroll a baby in TRICARE and DEERS, to well-baby doctor visits, moms and dads can have their questions answered at just a click of a button. Within the portal, there is also a link specifically for new dads. Advice is offered on every subject, from how to keep involved during the pregnancy to help with strengthening the family bond once the baby has arrived.

Military families wanting to add to their brood through adoption should be able to rely on the site as well. Adoption laws, costs, even information about military leave can all be found here. Post adoption resources are also available, helping to complete the transition as simply as possible.

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