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Coffee Shop Bingo: a new take on coffee culture

Lakewood woman creates new, addictive game for caffeine-lovers

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Think about how many cups of coffee you've bought this week. Then think about the hundreds of people you watched while you waited for the barista to yell that your venti, iced Americano was ready. Now imagine if your powers of observation - not to mention your caffeine addiction - could actually be part of a game that you could play with friends, your kids or even by yourself for a laugh.

In the words of game creator Lisa Christine, Coffee Shop Bingo (which she is working to patent) makes people watching into an official sport and with this country being the leading consumer of coffee worldwide (Americans consume approximately 400 million cups per day), that's a lot of playing fields.

Christine, a Lakewood resident and former preschool teacher with a background in marketing, developed Coffee Shop Bingo after she noticed a trend while she hung out with friends at her local coffee shop. As they sipped their beverages and chatted about their days, they were also counting ringing phones, patrons donning hats, crying kids and even patrons who were still listening to their iPods in line.

Each game card features a random assortment of 25 images indicating what players need to be on the lookout for. Things like customers wearing sunglasses indoors, carrying a laptop, wearing pajamas, texting, buying bottled water and more are all there and each one you see can be marked off on your card until you have five boxes marked off horizontally, vertically or diagonally, just like classic bingo. Additionally, all cards have a free space which can be something different from everything else - a drink the barista messed up, a mom with a kid strapped to her or whatever your eyes might spy.

Since creating the concept and launching the website just a few months ago, Christine reports that response so far has been great, even through only word-of-mouth and social media-based promotion.

"We've had lots of downloads to date. Customers are already requesting seasonal and local picture cards to keep the game fresh," she said.

To get started, check out and download a set of 25 various bingo cards, rules and some additional fun coffee swag. The download is $5.50 and purchases must be done via PayPal.

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