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Conceived in 2007, Tap into T-Town was created with the intent to serve two purposes: To raise awareness of local businesses and to help fund Tacoma City Kid's Marathon.  Since 2007, the event has grown exponentially. With approximately 300 participants in 2010, making 73 teams of four, this Amazing Race-style scavenger hunt was nothing less than a complete blast, and as always, an absolute success. 

After skipping a year to sober up from all the whiskey shots in 2010's Tap into T-Town event, creators Melanie Rushforth, Tony Lindgren and Kirsten Willis have stepped back into the scene with an even bigger community scavenger hunt than before. 

How big?  Twice as big.

This year, on June 2, approximately 600 participants in teams of four will be given a list of Tacoma trivia questions, then released upon the downtown Tacoma and Sixth Avenue business districts to retrieve random items, snapshots and bonus points to be handed to the judges at the end of the day.  Participants may only travel by shuttle, mass transit or by foot.  That means no cars, bikes, scooters, skateboards or roller skates - and no help from anyone outside their team. That includes piggy back rides from Tacoma Mayor Marilyn Strickland.  No matter how much she begs you, resist the temptation to get a piggy back ride from the mayor.

Businesses that have agreed to participate in this year's Tap into T-Town event will have the luxury of making their storefronts and restaurants visible to 600 team members from Tacoma.  Who wouldn't want their business involved in such exhilarating shenanigans?  To have your business patronized by 600 people who might not have been aware of just how awesome you are?  That right there is an incredible opportunity one would have to be downright silly to say no to.

Look, the Weekly Volcano loves this event so much, it has even formed a committed team excited to participate.  Team Volcano consists of myself, Jennifer Johnson (Jenny Fab), Kris Blondin (Special K) and Tanya Daniel (Bandito Betty).

Team Volcano took second place out of 73 teams in 2010, and we're back in 2012 with a vengeance.  Hell, Bandito Betty has even decided to skip a wedding on June 2 she was supposed to attend as a bridesmaid, just to attend Tap into T-Town instead.  Sadly, she had already bought her bridesmaid dress when realization came to her of what's most important: Taking Team Volcano to first place in 2012.

Go ahead and sign up.  I dare you. I can guarantee you one thing when you sign up for Tap into T-Town: You may not be able to beat Team Volcano, but you will, without a doubt, have one of the most fun days of your life.

The event begins and ends at the Greater Tacoma Convention and Trade Center, and check-in starts at 11 a.m. There is a limit of four people per team, and everyone must be 21 years old participate. The team fee is $120 and includes a dinner buffet at the convention center and a chance to win great prizes.

For more information or to register, visit

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