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Doing boot camp in Puyallup

One on one with Shawn Bell, owner of Shawn Bell Boot Camp

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I wasn't scared until he told me that he once was a US Army Master Fitness Instructor.

Shawn Bell, owner of Shawn Bell Boot Camp in Puyallup, screams at his students an average of three times per boot camp class.  It's not a horrible scream, but more of an encouraging one.  Yelling at someone three times a class is lower than what I expect now knowing his professional military fitness past. 

Think about it - Receiving personal training and boot camp instruction from dude who was once in charge of making sure this world's strongest group of men and women achieved top physical performance?  You'd think this would be intimidating, right?  Wrong.  It's completely awesome.  Totally and completely awesome.

What's more, Shawn Bell Boot Camp is a fraction of the price of what other boot camps charge - six weeks for $150.  And get this: You can attend an unlimited amount of classes a week.  Heck, he'll even prorate you if you start or end in the middle of his six-week sessions.

Shawn Bell's boot camp classes are fun, different, challenging, and work you to the core.  There's no running, so even delicate bodies like mine can get an intense, no-injury workout. Classes are held mainly indoors, except on the occasional sunny day. 

I highly encourage you to check this dude out, or at least tell your friends.  Not everybody can pull off those Speedos like you can.

Shawn Bell Boot Camp - 206.579.1425

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