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The right meat for your table

Local butchers can make your holiday meal bigger and better

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There is nothing quite like walking into a old-time butchers shop and picking out the best and freshest meats for your holiday meal while sharing a conversation with your butcher as he wraps it up for you to take home to enjoy with your family. Our area is home to many local butcher shops that are offering great deals on a wide selection of meats this season.

AA Meats in Lakewood:
Rib Roast, whole (16 lbs up), $7.49 lb, Roast, $7.99 lb and seasoned, $8.09 lb. Smoked Turkeys: Toms, $39.95, Hens, $29.95. Bone-In Ham, $3.19 lb, Pork Crown Roast: $3.19 lb, Boneless Lamb Leg: $4.98 lb, and Pork Leg: $1.89 lb.

AA Meats Thanksgiving list is already up in the store.  If you would like to order these items, you will have to go into the store, put a $5 deposit down (which goes towards the purchase), and this guarantees the item you want.  Customers that do not get on the list take the chance of the item being sold out, so the earlier you put your deposit down, the better. For a complete list of AA’s products, visit their website at:

Stewarts Meats in Yelm:
Smoked Turkeys, 15 or 20 lbs, $2.59 lb. Pit Ham, $2.99 lb, Honey or Black Forest Boneless Ham, $4.39 lb, Home-Cured Bone In-Ham, $2.39 lb (average weight is 18 lbs).
For a complete list of their products, you can visit

Michaels Meats in Aberdeen and Olympia: This butcher lists 17 different meat packages as well as weekly deals. They also offer beef and pork by the half that is trimmed table ready, wrapped and frozen to meet your needs. To view their full list, you can go to

Online meat shops:
Online shopping is another great option for those of us who are too busy to be able to get to the grocery store or butcher shop — meat is delivered to your door.

  • is where to shop if organic is what you are looking for. This site offers numerous choices as well as recipes for both everyday and holiday meals.
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