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1st PLT, A CO 2-1 IN BN (5th SBCT)

Photos from Afghanistan

1st PLT

Photos from Afghanistan

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    Photo #1

    1st PLT soldier in position

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    Photo #2

    1st PLT on patrol

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    Photo #3

    1st PLT soldier

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    Photo #4

    1st PLT soldier hanging out

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    Photo #5

    1st PLT vehicles

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    Photo #6

    1st PLT Stryker

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    Photo #7

    1st PLT Strykers

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    Photo #8

    Cordial with his tough look

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    Photo #9

    View from behind the gun

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    Photo #10

    Eye on his target ...

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    Photo #11

    Gear to go ...

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    Photo #12

    Getting ready for mission - 1st PLT

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    Photo #13

    Getting ready to head out on mission

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    Photo #14

    SGT Lopez behind the gun

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    Photo #15

    SGT Lopez on mission

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    Photo #16

    The birds

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