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The Great Human Interest Call Out!!

Win tickets for Tim McGraw, Willie Nelson and Tacoma's Beer Fest

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We have the tickets, and you have the story ideas, and together we can make some great reads in The Ranger, NW Airlifter, JBLM Spouses magazine and JBLM Singles magazine.

We are looking for human interest stories - stories about interesting hobbies, activities or backgrounds of local military troops, spouses, and their children.

These aren't military-training related stories, but rather pieces about off-duty activities, lifestyles, and backgrounds of those living on and off Joint Base Lewis-McChord.  The only stipulation is we are looking exclusively for stories about those who work on the bases and/or their families.

You have three chances to win.  Pick the event you hope to win tickets to and send in your story idea plus contact information by clicking the link(s) below.  Want to be entered in more than one? Click on each one below, BUT you must send different story ideas to each link (no duplicates).

We have multiple seats available to each show, but only two seats to Tim Mcgraw.

The stories can be about you or someone you know.  Please be sure to first get permission from anyone you suggest that is not you or your immediate family. 

Hurry.  Deadline is Aug. 30th at 4 pm.

Tacoma Craft Beer Festival September 1.

Willie Nelson & The Puyallup Fair Rodeo, September 7.

Box seats to Tim McGraw at the Puyallup Fair, Sept. 22nd

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