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Gyro Bites

This week, Jackie and Dutch venture to the often-forgotten end of Sixth Ave. between Pearl and Jackson and come across a small family Mediterranean place. Gyro Bites offers a bit more than just gyros and is tucked back into the corner opposite of...

Jobs & Education

Making dreams come true

As the world of entertainment, media, arts and technology continues to grow, it creates exciting opportunities for those who seek the challenge of creative problem solving.

News Front

Looking at soldiers as pro athletes

The Army may soon place nutritionists, physical therapists and sports trainers at the unit level to improve individual readiness, said Secretary of the Army Mark T. Esper.

News Front

Podcasts serve JBLM Guard

How many of us have already abandoned our New Year's health and fitness resolutions? You know, the cycle of being psyched about your new regimen for a few weeks before going back to old habits and routines.


Veterans make great business owners

Many veterans are pursuing second careers post separation from the military. Many out of necessity, of course, as there are bills to pay and children to feed. Yet how many are pursuing their dream careers or passionately starting their own...

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