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Guard officer’s varied background a plus when serving

Maj. Ryan Dykes approaches whatever he does in a non-stop manner. "It's hard for me to sit and not be doing something," the Washington Army National Guard operations officer and full-time administrative officer (AO) for the 420th Chemical...


'Operation Mincemeat'

From Operation Crossbow (1965) to Enigma (2002) to The Imitation Game (2014) to Hacksaw Ridge (2016), we've seen so many movies shining the spotlight on real-life heroes, many of them not hugely well-known, from World War II. Time and again, just...

Military Policy

Gun safes excluded from household goods weight allowance

As of May 2022, the Joint Travel Regulations for service members were updated to exclude the weight of gun safes from the total weight allowance of household goods in a permanent change of station. As the number of accidental child injuries and...

News Front

Revised ‘Brown, Blue Book’ released

ARLINGTON, Va. (AFNS) -  The Air Force recently updated the contents of The Enlisted Force Structure and The Profession of Arms: Our Core Values, more commonly known among airmen as the "Brown" and "Blue" books. Tradition and heritage are...

News Front

PCS changes on the way

PCSing can be a pain in the neck, change is coming. The regulations around military moves stem from two sources - Congress and the Pentagon. In charge of putting all of the rules in place and caring for the PSC system is the U.S. Transportation...

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