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Sunday, Oct. 5: Midday Veil


Midday Veil / photo credit: Frank Correa

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Krautrock is a genre defined by both rigid control and psychedelic improvisation, as is to be expected by a German subgenre developed in the '70s. Can, famously, would jam for a long time before paring down the track to a slim eight-to-10 minutes, or so. Other bands cherished mechanical instrumentation, which would explore the deep reaches of the psyche in less of a flower power way and more of an Orwellian drilling into your tender brain matter and down the ridges of your spine. Midday Veil takes cues from krautrock without explicitly copying it. There's experimental improvisation and rigid beats, but the '70s were a long time ago. What remains with Midday Veil is an exploratory way of approaching an inscrutable subgenre dipping into different cultural influences to provide an mélange of textures and atmosphere.

MIDDAY VEIL, w/ Swahili, Total Life, Lost Integrity, 8 p.m., Northern, 414 ½ E. Fourth St., Olympia, $5

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