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Through Oct. 12: "Busytown"

Olympia Family Theater

Lowly The Worm knows where the intermission goodies can be found. Photo courtesy of Facebook

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The musical opens with the "Busytown Theme," which introduces the characters in a cute and energetic way. Very quickly, Huckle Cat (one of the roles played by the fabulous Kate Ayers) wonders "What Do People Do All Day" and several numbers answer that question and lead us to Huckle's real conflict. How does a young cat become a useful part of Busytown? As Huckle works toward finding a job and purpose, the audience is entertained with a funny Andrews Sisters-esque "Pickle Car" (as homemade pickles are passed around!), a silly "Construction Worker's Ballet" and the sweet "Betsy Bear/Gonna Write Grandma a Letter."

Busytown doesn't offer as many opportunities for audience participation as past shows but the awesomeness of the "Train Song" at the beginning of Act 2 makes up for it.

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BUSYTOWN, 7 p.m. Friday, 2 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, through Oct. 12, Olympia Family Theater, 612 Fourth Ave. E., Olympia, $13-$19, 360.570.1638

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