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Tuesday, Aug. 12: "Legendary Locals of Lakewood"

Lakewood Pierce County Library

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One of the most beautiful things about studying history is finding new discoveries along familiar and well-traveled paths. It is that discovery process that makes history so rich and vibrant. Even better: having these terrific discoveries right in one's own backyard. This is especially true for Lakewood authors Steve Dunkelberger and Walter Neary. In 2005, the duo co-authored the definitive and local bestselling book, Images of America: Lakewood, which highlights the poignant and fascinating history of the city. The authors are back with their follow-up book about the people who influenced and shaped the city of Lakewood and region into what it is today. Their Legendary Locals of Lakewood not only offers the reader a fascinating glimpse into the characters of the past, but also uncovers some surprises and hidden gems along the way. Dunkelberger and Neary will discuss and sign their new book at, appropriately, the Lakewood Pierce County Library.

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LEGENDARY LOCALS OF LAKEWOOD, 7 p.m., Lakewood Pierce County Library, 6300 Wildaire Road S.W., free admission, 253.548.3302

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