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Monday, May 12: "Red Green: How To Do Everything Tour"

Rialto Theater

Red Green

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Red Green, who became famous for such things as duct tape, Possum Lodge and his own unique style of humor and wisdom on Canada's much funnier answer to Home Improvement, will throw on his suspenders and share his thoughts on "How To Do everything" at the Rialto Theater. After establishing himself as one of the world's handiest men in 15 seasons of his enormously popular television show, far-north fixture of fix-it now demonstrates that there is no limit to his specialized knowledge and advice. Do you have an aging Cadillac in your driveway, and a mound of dirt you need to move before the relatives arrive for a visit? Red Green has a solution: All you need is that car (make sure the power windows and sunroof work) a tall ladder, a ThighMaster, a metal trash can, clothesline pulleys, and duct tape (always), and you can build your own Cadillac Backhoe. Check out Canada's foremost handyman.

RED GREEN: HOW TO DO EVERYTHING TOUR, 7 p.m., Rialto Theater, 310 S. Ninth St., $49.50, 253.591.5894

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