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Thursday, March 6: Author Brett Lawrence

University Place Pierce County Library

Author Brett Lawrence

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See, the funny thing about punctuation is it breaks sentences up so you'll notice once it's taken away suddenly this preview or brief or whatever it is seems a lot more hurried and it works even better if you imagine somebody reading this out loud because they start to sound really breathless and upset like they're screaming through deep space on a wild chase with a small band of intrepid characters chased by bad guys which apparently the scenario in the new book Shadow Guardians by local author Brett Lawrence who has a bachelor's in law and justice and has been employed by the state of Washington for 35 years when he's not involved in rockhounding and lapidary and astronomy and space travel and other oddities he may have locked away in his twisted psyche so you should probably go to the University Place Pierce County Library and hear his sci-fi tale and find a book and that might help ... calm ... you ... down ...

AUTHOR BRETT LAWRENCE, 7 p.m., University Place Pierce County Library, 3609 Market Place W., University Place, free admission, 253.548.3307

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