Saturday, Jan. 25: DJ Donald Glaude


By Ron Swarner on January 20, 2014

In the early ‘80s, Donald Glaude filled our high-school house parties with Funkadelic, Commodores and underground hip-hop. We (meaning dorky dudes) would mount the REAL quarters table while the women flocked around Glaude. His musical knowledge, good looks and outgoing personality made him king of Lakes High School. From there, he emerged himself in the Seattle house and rave music scene before becoming one of the most traveled international DJs of our time. Always a smile, and women on both side of his decks, Glaude still commands the worldwide house music scene, in front of the turntables and behind the studio mixing board. Glaude returns home for a night at Jazzbones, with Skeemer and Mr. Clean opening, and the Northwest DJ roster before him. Respect.

DONALD GLAUDE, 9 p.m., Jazzbones, 2803 Sixth Ave., Tacoma, $9.99, 253.396.9169