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Wednesday, Nov. 13: Tacoma Rail

Washington State History Museum

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Retirement is such a bittersweet occasion. Sweet, because your time is your own once again, because after decades of doing what others tell you, you can finally do exactly what you want. Bitter, because ... umm. ... Now hold on, there has to be a downside here somewhere. OK, here we go. Let's just say your were a train conductor. And you loved your job. And you were good at it. So good at it, that upon hearing you were in the path of a massive unmanned locomotive nicknamed "The Beast" loaded with toxic cargo you devised an incredible plan to stop it and prevented certain disaster in a heavily populated area. Upon hearing of your retirement, your fellow workers pulled together and renamed one of the locomotives after you, The Little Ragu, which you miss dearly. Oh well, at least you have time to attend Author David Cantlin's lecture on Tacoma Rail, one of the largest short-line railroad systems in the country. Cantlin's new book showcases the history of the railroad industry in Tacoma, from its humble beginning as a rickety trolley line to the economic engine that helps power the Port of Tacoma and surrounding area. Who knows, maybe there will be a runaway artifact cart and you can, once again, save the day.

IMAGES OF RAIL, noon, Washington State History Museum, 1911 Pacific Ave., Tacoma, free with admission, 888.238.4373

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