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Sunday, Oct. 27: Blues Vespers Harmonica Showcase

Immanuel Presbyterian Church

Stacy Jones will blow you away Oct. 27.

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I've been spending a lot of time in the shower lately. The acoustics in there are pretty awesome for a boy and his harmonica. My riffs are getting tighter but my fingers and toes look like raisins. That, and the iPhone acts up when it gets wet. So just leave a message. The melodies produced by those 10 little holes can sound like a freight train, a Hammond B-3 or a moaning woman, depending on the song. A good harmonica player seems like he never breathes, he just blows and blows and blows until his ears say enough, and the intricate collection of notes and rhythms hangs over the audience like a heavy lace curtain. That's about the time people start screaming like wildcats and demanding more, which is exactly what will happen Sunday night when the ninth annual Blues Vespers Harmonica Showcase blows into Tacoma's Northslope neighborhood. Paul Green & Straight Shot host the affair with Steve Bailey, Stacy Jones, Kim Field, Dan O'Bryant and others. The combined talent (and personalities) will be an indescribable treat for the ears and eyes, and you will walk away jaw hanging like a codfish.

NINTH ANNUAL BLUES VESPERS HARMONICA SHOWCASE, 5 p.m., Immanuel Presbyterian Church 901 N. J St., Tacoma, 253.627.8371

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