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Thursday, July 4: Fourth of July events

South Sound

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Oh my gawd. Bobble Tiki loves the Fourth of July. He loves it so freakin' much he doesn't know what to do with himself. He's giddy for two weeks in advance and suffers from a deep depression for two weeks after. Bobble Tiki is as patriotic as they come - at least when it comes to blowing stuff up. Ever since Bobble Tiki can remember, since he was barely big enough for his youth size grass skirt, Bobble Tiki has loved to light fi re to things and watch them go bang. Bobble Tiki loves Whistling Bungholes, Spleen Spliters, Whisker Biscuits, Honkey Lighters, Hoosker Doos, Hoosker Donts, Cherry Bombs, Nipsy Daisers, with or without the Scooter Stick, and Whistling Kitty Chasers. Bobble Tiki loves the Fourth of July.

Recently, Bobble Tiki's friends and immediate family have tried to curb his penchant for destruction on the Fourth. They've advised him to give it up, and cited the many laws that now prohibit all of Bobble Tiki's favorite exploding concoctions. They point out that, by some strange act of extreme luck, Bobble Tiki still has all his digits, and that he should stop while he's ahead. They try to point Bobble Tiki in safer directions and steer him toward activities that aren't likely to end in incarceration or intensive care.

FREEDOM FAIR: Tacoma's all-day extravaganza filled with entertainment, an airshow, food, and more. Ruston Way is closed to traffic all day and instead filled with every type of food or snack imaginable, aircraft perform fly by maneuvers while others twist and tumble through the sky, bands performing country to rock to jazz and Christian, classic car show and more. What would a Fourth of July celebration be without fi reworks? If you said lame, you're absolutely correct. Freedom Fair has an awesome fi reworks show. 10 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. Donations are $1 for 18 and younger, $5 for 18 and older, and $10 for families.

FREEDOM FEST: Celebrate Independence Day at Cowan and Memorial stadiums on Lewis Main Thursday at Freedom Fest starting at noon. It's open to the public and offers a day of fun, food, Classy Chassis Car Show, carnival rides, games, stage entertainment, Taj Mahal stage show headliner and fi reworks at dark. The general public must use I-5 Exit 119. Photo identification is required. Persons and items are subject to inspection.

PUYALLUP: Bring a lawn chair or blanket to enjoy free family games, plus purchase strawberry treats before the Puyallup Valley Band plays. 2-5 p.m. Meeker Mansion, 312 Spring St., Puyallup.

PATRIOT'S LANDING FOURTH: Patriot's Landing Retirement in DuPont will host the American Legion Band, Cowgirls Dream, Wes Green, barbecue spread, dog show, carriage rides and more. 5-10 p.m.

STEILACOOM'S GRAND OLD FOURTH OF JULY: Family oriented celebration featuring a fun run, street fair, beer garden, entertainment all day, an ice cream social, a parade, fi reworks and more. Parade 1 p.m., fi reworks at around 10:15 p.m. Lafayette St., Steilacoom.

TUMWATER: Celebrate Independence Day at Tumwater's 26th Annual 4th of July Parade at 11 a.m. by Tumwater City Hall, youth activities, entertainment, prizes and music at 6 p.m. at Tumwater Valley Golf Course with fi reworks at 10 p.m. {BOBBLE TIKI}

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