Tuesday, July 2: Wanderlust Circus: "The Endless Road"

Capitol Theater

By Volcano Staff on June 24, 2013

Meet two Muscle Beach boys from the neon 1980s who fall in love with some circus aerialists and end up join the immortal, 200-year-old traveling troupe, which is part of Portland's Wanderlust Circus. Hell yes, the circus is coming to town! Let's get together and protest cruelty to animals! Wait! No animals in this circus. No prob. Let's search for coins under the bleachers. OK, no tent either. Wanderlust is different from a traditional circus. It's more of a theatrical show, with a storyline titled "The Endless Road" (see: muscle boys in the '80s) that feels a little Steampunk-ish Vaudevillian. Oh stop, there's ton of action, including Risley juggling in which people are juggled instead of objects like barrels. Be sure to arrive on time to see opening act Poki and Ember of Button Wagon who team up with artists from Lookout Arts Quarry in Bellingham to create a surreal circus world of floods and fairytales. No, we're not on drugs.

WANDERLUST CIRCUS: THE ENDLESS ROAD, 7 p.m., Capitol Theater, 206 Fifth Ave., Olympia, $14.50-$19.50, 360.754.6670