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Saturday, June 29-Sunday, June 30: "The Swimsuit Area"

The Midnight Sun Performance Space

Elizabeth Lord has been performing professionally as a storyteller since 1996.

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Bobble Tiki thinks he's heading through the twisted k-hole of a mid-life crisis. OK, maybe he's exaggerating. Plus, Bobble Tiki doesn't have a driver's license, so he probably won't buy a banana yellow Miata like his friend's dad did back in the '90s.

But Bobble Tiki does feel panicked. Maybe it's cause he has a little voice in his head that goes, "Hey, guess what? You're dying alone!" You see the missus and Bobble Tiki didn't reproduce. We didn't buy into the old notion of family and child rearing would make us better tikis.

We're not alone.

If Bobble Tiki reads right, professional storytelller Elizabeth Lord's original The Swimsuit Area stage play "explores reproduction in today's modern age.  What it means to be a parent, and more importantly what it means to choose not to be a parent." Apparently Lord will explore the hard issues such as deciding not to have a child - and what someone does about that - and the finality of hysterectomy surgery which results in never being able to conceive a child - all with her trademark humor lined glow.

Thankfully, no kids are allowed.

THE SWIMSUIT AREA, 8 p.m., The Midnight Sun Performance Space, 113 N. Columbia St. Olympia, 18 and older, $15, or the door.

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