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Wednesday, Feb. 27: Magetism in Soundcraft


ARRINGTON DE DIONYSO: His trans-utopian world music with be front and center Wednesday at Northern.

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Just what is electronic music, anyway? That phrase typically connotes electronic music, your techno/electro/electronica, untz-untz-untz and all that. Wednesday, Feb. 27 several musicians will explore the art of the tape loop at the all-ages club Northern in downtown Olympia. "The Yes And No in All Things: Magnetism in Soundcraft will feature the lo-fi cassette soundscape of Factoria from Brooklyn and Olympia artists Arrington de Dionyso performing Songs of Psychic Fire, Stellar Angles exploring cyclic textures concerning Macrocosmic Influence and Prismatic Cloak diving into world ambient degradation.

We have no idea what that is, but EXCITING!

We do know the musicians will blend boatloads of pedal effects and tape loops into an ominous mélange of industrial space rock and metallic sound. Or astro and agro. Fish or fowl? Overtly psychedelic or merely the soundtrack to your darkest dose?


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