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Friday, Feb. 8: Love Panel and Dessert Party

Meditate in Tacoma

Let Buddha guide you.

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How do I love others the way I love my dog?  How do I know if the relationship is working? What are some tips for being more patient with my partner and everyone else? How can we sort out raising a child with two religions? How can I tell if I am giving too much in the relationship?

According to Kelsang Tsoglam, resident teacher and love panel expert, these are questions that have come up at past Love Panel and Dessert Parties, an event where people can gather, have a Q&A with three Buddhist teachers who will answer questions about love and relationships from the Buddhist point of view, and eat delicious appetizers and desserts.

Read Nikki McCoy's interview with Kelsang Tsoglam in the Weekly Volcano's Style section.

Meditate in Tacoma, Buddhist Love Panel and Dessert Party, Friday, Feb 8, 6:30-8:30 p.m., $12, Sprague/United Way Building, 1501 Pacific Ave., Suite #301, Tacoma,

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