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Saturday, Oct. 29: Capitol Neighborhood Mystery Walking Tour

Washington State Capital Museum

THE BIGELOW HOUSE: The ghost of Olympia pioneer Daniel Bigelow is rumored to reside here. Photo credit: Brett Cihon

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Susan Rohrer, the manager of the State Capital Museum, will lead a walking tour Saturday, Oct. 29 exploring famous deaths, weird occurrences and creepy history around Olympia's South Capitol neighborhood.  Rohrer says the tour, which costs $2 and is first come first serve, sticks mostly to the facts of deaths and odd occurrences, but can't help but wander into eerie speculation occasionally.

[Washington State Capital Museum, 2-3 p.m., $2,211 SW 21st Ave., Olympia, 360.753.2580]

LINK: Olympia's haunted places

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