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Friday, Feb. 25: Jeffrey Broussard & The Creole Cowboys

Theatre on the Square

Jeffrey Broussard

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Zydeco is the dance music of the Creole population of southwest Louisiana. The Creoles are French speakers of African or mixed African and European descent who have been in Louisiana since the 18th century. Their culture is entwined with but separate from their fellow Francophones, the Acadians (Cajuns).

Michael Tisserand, in his book The Kingdom of Zydeco, says that before he heard zydeco he associated the accordion and the rubboard, the signature instruments of this music, with Lawrence Welk and washing clothes. Like Tisserand, when you hear zydeco you are going to forget about both. Hearing Jeffery Broussard play the accordion will remind you of the first time you saw someone pick up a violin and found out why they call it a fiddle.

In a brilliant move, the Broadway Center will transform its Theatre on the Square into an old-fashioned social hall Friday night setting up Broussard and his Creole Cowboys on the stage above a cleared-out dance floor. Yup, the seats will be replaced with sweaty, happy dancers. To make the dancers even happier, the Barefoot Collective pros will provide free zydeco dance lessons an hour before the show.

Expect the music to be an infectious rhythm that will be more rubbery syncopation than predictable stomp.

Gumbo and authentic drink specials at the no-host cash bar complete the experience.

Zydeco Dance Party

With Jeffrey Broussard & The Creole Cowboys
Friday, Feb. 25, 7:30 p.m., $39, 21+
Theatre on the Square, 915 Broadway, Tacoma,

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