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Tuesdays and Thursdays: Old stories and food specials

North End Tavern (Slappy's Garage)

NORTH END TAVERN: Go talk about the good old days with a bunch of friendlies.

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As esteemed musician/composer/social critic Frank Zappa noted in the late '60s, "Every town must have a place where phony hippies meet," and Tacoma is no exception. A diaspora of hippies - young and old, phony or otherwise - tell stories of days gone by at the North End Tavern. The owners renamed it Slappy's Garage, but it will always be the North End Tavern to us.

The small tavern is decorated in a style interior designers would recognize as Early Ground Round, with a mix of promotional beer signs, naughty garage signs and kitschy curiosities. Retro televisions along the bar will have the game on, or old movies. Often times the six battered tables and stools at the bar will be taken by 7 p.m., especially on Taco Tuesdays or Thursday ribs night. Otherwise, it's deep-fried bar fare and plenty of beer choices. Around the corner toward the back sits two pool tables.  

[Slappy's Garage - North End Tavern, 2622 N. Proctor, Tacoma. 253.759.6440]

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