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Sundays: Movie Night

The Brotherhood Lounge

THE BROTHERHOOD LOUNGE: If you're looking at this, turn left and watch the film.

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You know what I like? Movies. You know what I like even more? Classic movies, preferably from the '80s (my formative years, aka a prehistoric era which ended years before our average reader was conceived). You know what I like even more than that? Classic movies and drinking! Brace yourself for the grueling week ahead by taking in a flick, a cold beer, and all the free popcorn you can stuff down your gullet at The Brotherhood Lounge's Sunday Movie Night. You'll be treated to such dubious cultural milestones as RoboCop, They Live and many more gems, all on the Brotherhood's nine-foot-screen with surprisingly intense sound. Call ahead for the night's feature. Then hang around after the movie to jam along with DJ James and discuss the finer nuances of Roddy Piper's performance till it's officially Monday.

[The Brotherhood Lounge, Movie Night, 7 p.m. to 1 a.m., no cover, 119 Capitol Way N., 360.352.4153]

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