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Happy Hour Hug: Bryan Carroll with STINK Tank

The bartender shares his thoughts on the wine scene

STINK Tank bartender Bryan Carroll

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Bryan Carroll, STINK Tank

Welcome to Happy Hour Hug, a new weekly column in which I explore the South Sound's bar scene through the eyes of bartenders, brewers, winemakers, distillers and anyone else who makes their living in the boisterous world of alcohol. This week I present Bryan Carroll, bartender at the STINK Tank wine bar. Salud!

WEEKLY VOLCANO: How did you get into bartending?

BRYAN CARROLL: I wanted to be a stripper, but they told me during my interview that I do not have the body for it. I settled for the next best - bartending. No need for morals or standards. 

VOLCANO: Describe your first experience with wine.

CARROLL: I do very well recall it was the day I could take the top off of my sippy cup.

VOLCANO: What's your favorite place for a drink in the South Sound?

CARROLL: I'm going to have to go three part on you. For cocktails, anything Chris creates at Hilltop Kitchen. If I'm in the beer mood, I'll hop over to the Parkway or Red Hot. Wine? I am bias. However, if not at the STINK Tank, then I'm home with a glass, a book, lying on my bearskin rug in front of my fireplace listening to death metal. 

VOLCANO: White or red?

CARROLL: I'll take the red headed stepchild, rosé.

VOLCANO: Cork or screw cap?

CARROLL: Cork. I am bit of a purist. 

VOLCANO: When you hear the following words what do you think of?

Stained: "Purple Teeth"

Cabernet: "What will my cab fare be this evening. (Be responsible! Do not drink and drive.)"

Ghosts: "Do not cross the streams."

VOLCANO: Which winery do you wish you had invented?

CARROLL: Loaded question, so I will say my own. 

VOLCANO: What are your hopes for the wine scene in Tacoma?

CARROLL: For wine to be fun and see more recent generations find a passion for it. 

>>> Happy Hour: Glass pours from open bottles $2 off, mini three-cheese plate or caprese flatbread $5, 4-6 p.m. daily, all day Tuesday and Wednesday.

STINK Tank, 630 St. Helens Ave. Tacoma, 253.426.1347

LINK: South Sound Happy Hour App

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