Pegasus Restaurant and Lounge

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1320 Puyallup Ave
Tacoma,WA 98409-4319
(253) 572-5300

Credit Cards Accepted, Full Bar

Northwest Military Review Reviewed by: Steph DeRosa

Go in and take a look at the Pegasus Restaurant and Lounge for yourself. Check out the world of faux oak, brass fixtures, and smoky glass. Sit back and listen to the men at the bar babble nonsense such as "Everyone's my daddy!" And "I'm Miss Gerty!" You might even catch an asscrack or two. I know I did. With my dive-bar radar, I located the stereotypical "side door" to the lounge. The front of the restaurant was a-hoppin', but apparently the smoking ban has killed the business for the haven of wood paneling and leather cushioned barstools in the back portion known as the Unicorn Room. Linda, who settled me in and gave me my menu, warmly greeted me almost immediately. I needed breakfast, I needed coffee, and I needed liquor in that coffee. All I know is this place is a party waiting to happen. Plenty of seating, clean, close-knit atmosphere, great service, full menu for breakfast and lunch (homemade!), appetizers in the afternoon, pool table (I suck at pool), pull tabs, internet jukebox, and more liquor than even Dean Martin can handle. But don't go in expecting to grab a cold draft beer, its bottle only, baby. Ranging from Rainer to Heineken, you can take your pick and add that early morning tomato juice concoction to your beverage.

LINK: Kiss my grits


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