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Student, engineer, soldier all in one

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Student, engineer, soldier all in one

Spc. Arshia Gill is breaking the mold and has become one of the many new female soldiers stepping into a combat military occupational specialties. But, for Gill, she's become more than just a trail blazer, she's an engineer, a student and a soldier all wrapped up into one. Gill is a

WA Guardsman awarded  Howard O. Scott Award

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WA Guardsman awarded Howard O. Scott Award

While he's most often seen in his Tacoma Police uniform, it's his successful military career that earned Lt. Col. Mike Ake the prestigious Howard O. Scott Award.   "I want to thank everyone that has been a mentor to me along the way," said Ake. "It meant a lot to me." For

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Meet Washington National Guard's Spartan Warrior

"Put one foot in front of the other," Julie Keppner kept saying to herself. "Focus on the little goal right in front of you," she added, standing in position, waiting for the signal at the start of her latest attempt to conquer another Spartan Race. "Anything is possible." Keppner, 36, lined up next

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WADS able to scramble jets faster

When an unidentified aircraft comes up on the screens at the Western Air Defense Sector, it took 18 distinct steps and a whole host of people to decide whether to scramble jets and determine if the aircraft posed a threat. Today, after a vigorous process improvement effort, it now takes three

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Washington National Guard captain makes history

Friday, Oct. 13, the soldiers of Alpha Troop gathered together in the tiny National Guard armory in Puyallup to witness the first ever cavalry-qualified female take command of a troop in the Army. Capt. Samantha Domingue took command of A Troop, 1st Squadron, 303rd Cavalry Regiment (1-303rd CAV), 41st Infantry Brigade

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First responders working together

When a disaster strikes, resources are put to the test. Especially in smaller, rural communities. "We're a small critical access hospital so we would anticipate in a real situation that we're probably going to get a lot of patients and might even get overrun, so it's a great exercise for us

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WA cyber going national?

New, bipartisan legislation named for the late Major Gen. Tim Lowenberg would build upon the success of the Washington National Guard's cyber units and create dedicated units around the country to help states counter cyber-attacks. The legislation is sponsored by Congressman Derek Kilmer (D-WA), who has seen the Washington National Guard's

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A legacy remembered

Maj. Gen. (Ret) Tim Lowenberg once said he wanted to be remembered as a general that took care of the soldiers -- and never backed away from a challenge. His legacy will far exceed his wishes. On Aug. 27, Lowenberg, the former adjutant general of the Washington Military Department and commander of

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Redlegs train on new M777 Howitzer

The breach opens, a pair of cannon crewmen load one 155-millimeter caliber artillery round into the chamber of the 35-foot weapon. The smell of gun powder lingers in the air as the team prepares for the inevitable blast that will shake the nearly five ton M777 Howitzer backwards and forwards. The

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Legislators, governor honor Guard

Members of the Washington National Guard were honored by the State Legislature, April 7, with resolutions thanking the Guard for serving "the country as guardians of American interests at home and abroad." Gov. Jay Inslee also thanked soldiers and airmen and gave out awards to outstanding Guard members for their service.

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Medics train to save lives in a dynamic environment

For five days in the cold, drizzling rain, sometimes working 20 hours non-stop, the soldiers of the Treatment and Evacuation platoons of C Company, 296th Brigade Support Battalion, 1st Stryker Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division, were evaluated on key medic skills during their recent field training exercise (FTX) at Joint Base

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New readiness center showcases Guard

Amidst the trees and historic buildings that dot Camp Murray now stands a new, state-of-the-art readiness center. It took five years and a lot of help, but last month the Washington National Guard officially opened the new Pierce County Readiness Center (PCRC) on Camp Murray, once again giving the Tacoma area

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