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A fair and equitable force

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A fair and equitable force

The Defense Department has a "higher expectation" of deployability by its forces, Defense Secretary James N. Mattis said last week. Speaking with reporters on a return flight from Germany to Washington, the secretary said the undersecretary of defense for personnel and readiness last week defined a problem that initially was brought

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Trump signs executive order to improve mental health resources

Transitioning servicemembers and veterans can now receive up to a year of mental healthcare from the Veterans Affairs Department after discharge from the service, according to an executive order President Donald Trump signed Jan. 9. The order, "Supporting Our Veterans During Their Transition From Uniformed Service to Civilian Life," directs the

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Sexual assaults in military drop, reporting goes up

The past-year prevalence of sexual assault in the military reached a new low in fiscal year 2016, and reporting of such crimes is on the upswing from previous years, Defense Department officials said May 1. The Annual Report on Sexual Assault in the Military for fiscal year 2016 shows that 4.3

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President signs bill to extend Veterans Choice healthcare law

President Donald J. Trump signed the Veterans Choice Program Extension and Improvement Act on Tuesday, ensuring military veterans can continue receiving healthcare in the civilian sector when care is not easily accessible from a Veterans Affairs Department provider. "The veterans have poured out their sweat and blood and tears for this

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Veteran with PTSD finds coping skills through 'dot' art

WASHINGTON - When Army veteran Greg Mullen developed symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder while stationed in the Middle East during the first Gulf War, his symptoms from nonstop anti-missile blasts were severe enough after a six-month deployment for him to transition out of his 12-year military career. The disorder would later

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Big tax changes for troops

Several tax law changes could significantly affect how servicemembers and their families file their 2015 income tax returns. "It's probably the biggest set of changes in many years" said Army Lt. Col. Samuel W. Kan, executive director of the Defense Department's Armed Forces Tax Council, which oversees the military's Volunteer Income

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