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I Corps tests new helmet

A new, lighter helmet may be on the way, and a group of I Corps soldiers are among those who will help determine whether or not it ends up on your head. The soldiers partnered with members of the Fort Hood, Texas-based U.S. Army Operational Test Command during a series of

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Scuba: more than just a hobby for these troops

For some, scuba diving is a hobby. For others it offers a sense of community among other divers. For retired Army 1st Sgt. Mike Nebel, it's a way of life. "It just took over my life, this is all I do now," said Nebel, a dive instructor at the Northwest Adventure

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Canadian general bids farewell to I Corps

After completing a two-year assignment as I Corps' Deputy Commanding General for Operations, Canadian Brig. Gen. Dany Fortin and his wife Madeleine Collin, are headed north, back to their home country. Members of I Corps said goodbye to Fortin during a brief ceremony June 13 at Joint Base Lewis McChord. "It's a

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Military fairy godmother and sorority sisters help

There were no magic wands or singing mice, but for a group of young women who needed help getting to their prom, Spc. Natasha Manning-Redmond and two sorority sisters were nothing short of fairy godmothers. A chaplain's assistant assigned to Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion, I Corps, Manning-Redmond said she has always

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Wine and Canvas

The Joint Base Lewis-McChord Arts and Craft Center hosts a monthly Wine and Canvas, creating a very laid-back and fun atmosphere, which allows amateur painters a creative release, said Debbie DeSpain, lead recreation assistant of the Arts and Craft Center. "It lets whatever is in your head out," said DeSpain. "You

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The colonel's home brew

In a region filled with craft beers and microbreweries, some people still enjoy the process and science of concocting their own home brews. Col. John Kent, deputy commanding officer of Madigan Army Medical Center, is one soldier who enjoys making his own adult beverages. He said he tries to brew at least

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Zumba classes improving fitness

Zumba is an aerobic fitness workout featuring movements inspired by mostly Latin American dance music in which participants imitate the steps of the instructor. Heather Forrey, a Zumba instructor at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, said the dance workouts have become a part of her lifestyle. "It's a great cardio-workout that men may think

Army West Blog

A first for JBLM

A 10-person panel of medical and transition professionals from across Joint Base Lewis-McChord and the Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs, met for the first time last week - a historic and unique program here in Washington state. The forum was an opportunity to discuss behavioral health challenges servicemembers and

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