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Spud's is all Tacoma

SCENE OF THE CRIME >>> I'm lucky to have this amazing best friend named Oly. He's originally from T-Town, and he's still a 253 hustler at heart. Oly lives in Ellensburg with his family now, but he returned to Tacoma for a convention and wanted to hang out with yours truly.Since he

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Sliding on the sand Sunday

SCENE OF THE CRIME >>> Take your average, typical Sunday. After the chaos and glory of Friday and Saturday nights, most of us get a case of the boo-hoos when we think about going back to work on Monday. One of the best ways to get over the Sunday blues is to drink

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Hip Irish pub

When Doyle's Public House first threw its doors open, the thought was it would be a "soft rollout."Fat chance.Maybe the proprietors of Doyle's didn't realize how desperately downtown Tacoma had needed  a hip Irish bar and that people would immediately be drawn to it. They showed up so swiftly that

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West End girl

SCENE OF THE CRIME by Natasha An acquaintance of mine once turned to me and said, "Dude, I don't understand why you like going to the West End - it's for 30-something townies."My response was simple: A 30-something townie is exactly what I am.But I think the West End Pub &

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Tacoma's spiciest corner

As soon as the Swiss started serving hard alcohol two years ago, this corner of 19th and Jefferson became one of the spiciest spots in Tacoma.The Swiss turns into an urban playground every Friday and Saturday. There aren't any jungle gyms per se, but the men are usually tall enough

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