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Madigan's history

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Madigan's history

Army Medicine was at Camp Lewis from the very beginning in 1917. Renamed Fort Lewis in 1927, the Station Hospital had several "dispensaries" located around the fort. Construction of the original Madigan General Hospital began in July 1943 during the height of World War II as a semi-permanent emergency hospital plan


Help for domestic violence is available at Madigan

Physical abuse. Emotional abuse. Financial abuse. Sexual abuse. Domestic violence can show up in all of these forms. The types of abusers can be just as varied — male or female, officer or enlisted, service member or family member. Unfortunately, like the rest of America, many military families

Madigan tobacco use study is open to new participants


Madigan tobacco use study is open to new participants

  What it the purpose of this study? This study is looking at ways that smoking affects your health and will attempt to find a new way of giving information about the health of your lungs and empowering people who want to stop smoking. Who can volunteer for this study? Eligible

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