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Got your goat?

Since the dawn of Christianity, goats — those cute, prancing Capra aegagrus hircu we love to pet at the Puyallup Fair — have walked this earth as known associates of the Devil. In the Middle Ages, goats whispered lewd innuendos into the ears of innocent Saints. Thor

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Eat These Now: Marrow's fall menu treats

CHECKING IN ON A NEW MENU >>> Back in college, before the Macintosh and VHS, I tried sea urchin, one of nature's stranger edibles, in a sushi restaurant located in the basement of a Vancouver, B.C. hotel. Goofy-faced and swooning, exclaiming it tasted like the ocean in a cloud. It wasn't

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DISH REVIEW: JW Restaurant in Gig Harbor

DINING IN THE SOUTH SOUND LIVE NO ONE ELSE >>> ANNOUNCER: Housed in Gig Harbor's historic Garden Clubhouse, JW Restaurant opened in mid-spring to patron praise and media attention-naturally focused on the restaurant's New American dishes with a twist. Managing Partner Jason Winniford and Chef Justin Goodfellow have kept value-pricing in

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One tasty burger

JAKE DE PAUL: ONE OF THE BEST IN THE SOUTH SOUND  >>> I have to admit, I think the whole "deconstruction"  craze in restaurants these days is a bit silly, sort of like Ranked Choice Voting. The idea is that you take something like a cheeseburger and serve it "deconstructed":

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Make tracks

Downtown Puyallup, if you haven't noticed, is hell bent on becoming another great food and fun district in the South Sound.  Located a couple blocks west of the Puyallup fairgrounds, the energy sprouted with a robust farmers' market.  Trackside Pizza opened three weeks ago to be part of this growing

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