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McChord Flightline Chatter

McChord recruiters rewarded for efforts at conference

  Recruiting in the Air Force Reserve is at an all-time high. People who want to better themselves and start a new career are enlisting every day. The results indicate that recruiters throughout Air Force Reserve Command are doing an excellent job, but there is one team

McChord Flightline Chatter

446th Aeromedical Staging Squadron Reservists provide care globally

As the KC-135 Stratotanker carrying patients landed on the flightline at Ramstein Air Base, Germany, two 446th Aeromedical Staging Squadron Reservists were there to provide care and comfort.  Maj. Timothy Kelly of Portland, Ore., and Master Sgt. Michelle Anderson of Spokane, Wash., are both deployed

McChord Flightline Chatter

446th Reservists ensure vets are never forgotten

MCCHORD FIELD, Wash. -- From Flanders Fields where poppy's grow, to what is known as the "Silent War," to the bloody battles of Saigon, we remember them. They are our heroes. They are veterans of the military. They will never be forgotten.Twenty Reservists from the 446th Airlift Wing spent time with veterans April 30

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