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Sex Vid

Their last show in Oly for a while

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Last week, I spent some time sipping on a fancy beer at Le Voyeur in glorious downtown Olympia, soaking in the scent and bullshiting with my Alaskan cohort and White Boss frontman, Jean Nagai. If there are two permanent things in this wonderful little seaport, one will be the lingering aroma of Le Voyeur sinking its claws into your very essence, announcing your previous whereabouts to the trained nose. The other is the eventual destination of all conversations on Fourth Ave steering into the age-old question — “Any good shows coming up?” My conversation with Nagai had traveled past nostalgic revelry of Nazi roommates and Yupik walrus hunts and into this fertile ground. Nagai replied that White Boss would be playing this Saturday at Old School Pizzeria for what is allegedly the last Sex Vid show in Oly for quite a while, as Judd Taylor & Co have opted for the greener pizzerias of Austin, Texas.

With Ironlung and the always-formidable Thrones rounding out the lineup, I don’t know why you’d be anywhere else this Saturday, unless you were getting paid for it.

[Old School Pizzeria, with White Boss, Ironlung, Thrones, Saturday, Sept. 26, 9 p.m., $6, 108 Franklin St., Olympia, 360.786.9640]

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