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Music and Art in the Park

Plus: more local music news

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It’s a new week, which means it’s time for a new edition of Bobble Tiki’s South Sound music notes column. Let’s get rolling …

Perhaps the most exciting news this week is related to Wright Park in Tacoma — and, no, it has nothing to do with the guy Bobble Tiki saw openly urinating last Saturday near the duck pond. Rather, the news has to do with the Music and Art in the Park festival headed to Wright Park Aug. 15. Organized by Tacoma legend Bennett Thurmon, Music and Art in the Park will be a free all day festival featuring mounds of music, food and, well, art. The musical lineup, announced this week, is freakin’ amazing. Expect Zeke, Guns & Rossetti, Broken Oars, C.F.A., The Coloffs, Mico De Noche, Girl Trouble, The Plastards and more to rock your face off during the festival. Then you can go back to peeing in the duck pond.

Also exciting Bobble Tiki this week — The Nightgowns, who are just cool as shit. If you don’t believe Bobble Tiki, take Matt Driscoll’s word for it — he’s had a man crush on the band forever. But if you don’t trust Driscoll (and, really, why would you?) maybe this news will sway you: The Nightgown’s new (amazing) record, Sing Something, is currently No. 3 on KEXP’s NW Chart. Also impressive, the disc is apparently tearing it up on WNYU in New York. Viva Tacoma!

And finally, Jerin Falkner, who is currently celebrating the completion of her newest CD, Pyro Aesthetic, and will be playing Rhapsody in Bloom in Tacoma on Monday, July 27, witnessed a car accident this week, which she detailed in a newsletter to fans. Luckily, no one was injured — though the sight did inspire Falkner to say at the time “Well, that was weird to see while taking a stroll.” Later in the newsletter, Falkner admited “Upon further reflection, here are my situational notes to self: good job keeping calm, bad job snapping into action during an emergency, work on eliminating cheesy vocabulary phrases such as ‘taking a stroll.’”

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