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Positive vibes, love and some ass shaking

Ear Pwr invites you to bust a move at northern

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The Olympia All-Ages Project finally has a permanent home, and its name is northern — 321 Fourth Ave in downtown Oly. And the space is being used for the kind of shows that inspire the audience: both local and touring bands, music and art. The latest show lineup is no exception, and it’s time to get excited about Sunday, June 7. Sure it’s the last day of your weekend and the fun is starting to wind down, but end it with a bang and see Ear Pwr in action along with the funky fresh beats of Joey Casio and the musical minimalism of Los Angeles’ Nite Jewel.

Taking an ambitious self-booked trek from Baltimore to the opposite coast, Ear Pwr is bringing their brand of electronic goodness to those living without such ear-pleasing pleasantries.

Checking out the band’s MySpace, you’ll confront a large quivering face — or pair of eyeballs and a mustache — that sticks its tongue out and informs you that the band’s latest album is currently available. If this illustration is any indicator of the music that is about to assault your ear drums, you won’t be blamed for quivering.

Then the sounds of "SUPER ANIMAL BROTHERS III" start. Lo-fi and oddly endearing, the rough vocals and speech-pattern melodies make you want to flow through the rest of the track listing while busting your best dance moves. If Sarah and Devin, the creative minds behind the music of Ear Pwr, have anything to do about it you will dance. What inspires the duo to create music? “Positive vibes and the love we share” is their simple answer. The two might even hop off stage and get down and dirty in the mob of an audience. If it doesn’t translate from the recorded material to the stage, after all, then what exactly is the point?

If the Jackson 5 met up with Souljah Boy and attended a Flaming Lips show, it would sound a lot like the creation of Ear Pwr. Lucky for you, the band already exists. Get down on the dance floor. Sarah and Devin won’t judge you.

“Everyone should be able to see good music regardless of age,” insists the band. “All we want is for everyone to have a good time.”

Take their offer. Maybe you could even don a sparkly sweater for the bright lights of the dance floor.

[northern, Ear Pwr, Joey Casio and Nite Jewel, Sunday, June 7, 8 p.m., $6, 321 Fourth Ave, Olympia,]


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