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Your Heart Breaks

Pegasus, unicorn, and technological emotions

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It seems as though in the recent past (and probably future) most slightly forlorn youths think they can purchase a laptop and make their own beats and thusly their own music. They might not be mistaken, but music is definitional and music of quality is a difficult entity to find. Your Heart Breaks provides a soft and melodic alternative that also manages to be both comedic and romantic.

The Den, located downtown in urbanXchange on Pacific Avenue in Tacoma, will be hosting the quaint sounds of Your Heart Breaks — guitarist and vocalist Clyde, beat maker and vocalist Karl Blau and key guru Steve Moore —Saturday, April 11.

After several appearances in the South Sound, the word is getting out that Your Heart Breaks provides something reminiscent of barefoot summer walks and melting ice cream cones. Although the band employs far more warm bodies in the studio than on stage, the sound doesn’t diminish in the least in a live setting. Your Heart Breaks hashes out a vibe similar to the underground tunes of The Moldy Peaches, but with more feeling and a bit more polish. The homey space of the Den coupled with its vast artistic support, makes it a logical pairing for a show. Your Heart Breaks will compliment the surrounding walls with a melodic splattering of storytelling through beats and technological emotions.

On MySpace, Your Heart Breaks lists their influences as “queercore & hot makeout parties … the place where unicorn and Pegasus combine into one … dancing up front at all-ages shows.” You should take a lesson and include these happenings in your own life — either by attending the show or by embracing the differences and majesty that exist within life, even if they aren’t as concrete as that label-funded CD you bought at the record store the other day.

Just a hint, but Your Heart Breaks has all their music, yes all of it, online for you to sway and cry to in the comfort of your own home. Take advantage of the opportunity and see it in person first this Saturday at the Den before judging too quickly. Don’t be steered away from the band’s musical genius by the layers of possibly cliché laptop beats. Trust me. Come Saturday to the Den, all ages will be welcome for a soul-searching experience and a musically comforting heartbreak.

[The Den@urbanXchange, with Theo Zumm, Lapuda, Whales Wailing, Saturday, April 11, 6:30 p.m., 1934 Pacific Avenue, Tacoma, 253.572.2280]

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