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Temple Vibe

All-ages show at The Den Saturday

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Don’t give negative vibes. Just be there for the music, for the songs, for the scene, and for the importance of instilling a positive outlook into the eyes of our youth. Just embrace Temple Vibe — the band playing The Den at urbanXchange on Saturday, March 14.

Temple Vibe is a name that was second choice to the original epithet of The Feathers and later of Sasstronauts — all names that bring a smile to one’s face or a giggle to one’s lips, from a band that sends vibrations through the brain. Temple Vibe admits to being influenced by “people with a pretty positive mysterious eclectic steez” that includes “John Cale, John Lennon, Brad Cox,” according to singer Joe Waine. And despite “how shallow Morrissey seems,” his influence on these musicians cannot be denied. It just takes a generally positive attitude to make an impression on Temple Vibe, according to Waine, who “can’t stand rude, aloof, narrow-minded people that judge other people.”

Not that one can blame him.

Being a part of the all-ages scene gives Temple Vibe, based out of Seattle, an insider’s opinion on its goings on and shortcomings. But according to Waine, an inventive musician, the all-ages scene “is cool and is also positive.” Plagued by his own use of “drugs and lazing out a lot” in the past, he sees the all-ages scene as an outlet for those in a younger age bracket and a way to encourage that group to be creative and think outside of the mainstream activities.

Calming and oddly tranquil, the sounds that radiate from Temple Vibe are not what one might expect. Waine doesn’t have a favorite song, as they are “all stepping stones,” according to the singer. The music comes first and then the lyrics are married to the melodies. The songwriting process is a bit of a puzzle for the mind of Waine and other contributing band members — a mess of “effects and drawn-out arpeggios and sound clips” that somehow make sense when recorded and presented as a finished product.

Don’t enter the venue expecting to find a suave front man when attending a Temple Vibes show because Waine tells me straight up that he’s “not good at banter or telling people to buy merch.” But the band certainly is “looking forward to playing with Generifus” at The Den on Saturday and alongside the likes of Makeup Monsters. If you lurk in the shadows you risk missing the overwhelming magnitude of good vibes that will no doubt be emanating from the stage.

[The Den at urbanXchange, with Generifus, Makeup Monsters, Alexander and the Optimistics, Saturday, March 14, 7:30 p.m., all ages, $5, 1934 Pacific Ave., Tacoma, 253.572.2280]

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