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In search of honesty?

Rebuilt and Open Fire bring a healthy dose to the Viaduct

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“What else do you have to alleviate the stress of real life other than something like the Viaduct?” asks Steve Jackson, the vocalist of the brutal metal band Open Fire. If it comes to a decision to be made between “brainwashing from terrible reality shows and terrible TV” and an enjoyable night out while watching some bands pound it out on stage, the final choice should not be a difficult one.

Saturday, March 28 the Viaduct will host several bands sure to be way better than crap TV, including Rebuilt and Open Fire.

Rebuilt is the same as an old band called Carriers, but the demos were so different from the original sound that a different name was apropos. Name change or not, the band is about good moods and sincerity, says Rebuilt’s singer Jesse Malinowski. The band’s songs are written by Allen Trainer with a guitar backbone, but the drums are kept in mind. After a solid structure is formed, Malinowski is shown the song and then the rest of the band joins the creative process. The songs could be written in any form, but the effect would be the same, says Malinowski.

Open Fire is influenced quite noticeably by bands like Most Precious Blood, Hope Conspiracy, and Shai Hulud. Jackson has a soft spot for the Viaduct because, in his eyes, “If it weren’t for a place like the Viaduct and the people who run it, the all-ages scene in Tacoma wouldn’t exist because the other clubs claiming to be all-ages are a joke, run by people with an agenda.” On the other hand, Jackson notes that there has to be support from the youth as well, and they should “appreciate (the Viaduct) more.”

You can count on Open Fire delivering a passionate show, because, according to Jackson, they do this for themselves, not for people’s acceptance. In a time when many bands only play music to be doted upon in the limelight, this makes Open Fire all the more unique.

In the long run, if you are looking for a night of honesty-laden music, you will find it at the Viaduct. Although excellence is the norm for those working at the venue, the bands on stage March 28 will also embody those standards.

Maybe this will be a perfect opportunity for you to entertain some higher standards of your own.

[The Viaduct, with Horizons, Cowardice, Bully, Saturday, March 28, 7 p.m., $8, 5412 South Tacoma Way, Tacoma, 253.472.1948]

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