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Alex Young helps open the new 18+ night at Brick City

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Brick City, an all-ages venue in Tacoma located at 754 Pacific Ave., lends itself to many differently-themed club nights. Club Friday holds down the hip-hop end of things. Club Impact on Saturdays hosts the alternative rock night. And now, anticipating its grand opening Feb. 20, is Shorty’s — which will cater to the 18-plus crowd on the third Friday of every month.

Brick City, the space, is actually an all-day facility and works with “at risk youth,” which is how Teresa Mullins became involved in the organization. Mullins supports Brick City because the “kids get so many opportunities … as far as scholarships, community service hours, computer access, job referrals.”

The night rolls around and the clubs start up, and those same members of Brick City learn how to “actually run a night club and business.”

Mullins became interested in the local all-ages music scene when she began volunteering at Club Friday. Upon realizing that a couple Fridays a month were open at Brick City, and potentially available, she spoke up to claim one of the dates. The third Friday of the month has now been recreated as Shorty’s, a techno/dance night. Alex Young will be kick-starting the newest addition to the all-ages scene this Friday. Young has volunteered to fly to Seattle from New York City, paying her own way, to benefit the youth — a progressive and inspirational contribution on her part.

“I think (the all-ages scene) is really needed,” Mullins offers.

Mullins has chosen to aid the all-ages scene by volunteering at a venue. But she also says there are a multitude of other ways to put your time and hard work into the growth of this important musical venture such as: donating your time, donating money where most needed, throwing a block party; and I’m sure if you brainstorm long enough you can come up with brilliant ideas of your own.

Block parties lend themselves to the summer time and if you “get the kids to be part of it, as far as promoting and creating flyers, you get them to become a part of the business side of things,” notes Mullins.

Feb. 20 marks the birth of another all-ages night here in the South Sound. It will have an Underworld theme, a movie that not only the youth at Brick City love, but Mullins herself enjoys. And the crowning point of the evening will be Alex Young crooning.

Come prepared for a night of safe and age-inclusive partying: it’s the start of a beautiful trend.

[Shorty’s at Brick City, Alex Young, Friday, Feb. 20, 9:30 p.m., 18+, $8-$25, 754 Pacific Ave., Tacoma,]

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