The Milton Tavern

A constant work in progress

By Steph DeRosa on January 8, 2009

For years now, the outside of The Milton Tavern has been under construction. It’s looked like an utter and complete dive since my first time there more than 10 years ago. I’ve passed by there on a somewhat daily basis for about three years, and three years is almost how long they had scaffolding up along the building’s exterior. The Milton, my friends, is a constant work in progress. The Milton, my Bar Exam readers, is also a dive.

I’ll admit I worked at The Milton Tavern a while back. I worked there for about a week and witnessed the kitchen’s cooks come to life back there behind that old, dilapidated pizza oven. I was there when the pizza dough was hand-rolled and the sauce was homemade. I loved working there because the outcome of what came from that kitchen was amazing. Now, The Milton is all about cost control. Everything is precise, measured out exactly, more expensive, and bought pre-prepared. When we complained about the obvious change in what was once the best pizza we’d ever had, we were answered with, “The owner is trying to cut costs and buy stuff already made.” I can’t begrudge a business owner for trying to survive in the throes of a recession, but I really, REALLY miss the old Milton Tavern pizza.

Aside from my distaste of their new style pizza, The Milton holds an extensive beer collection that you can’t deny. Bad carpeting, exposed insulation, and cheap lighting make this place a dive. But it is a fantastic dive that my entire family loves. That’s right, kids are welcome until 9 pm, and guess what? There’s a plethora of board games for all guests to enjoy. Best part is that some are specifically marked “Adult — Over 21”. Games, beer, and a family dive atmosphere — you really can’t ask for more.

The Milton Tavern

7320 Pacific Hwy. E., Milton, 253.922.3340

Beer: Great selection

Food: Meh.

Service: Excellent

Bar Exam Dive Grade: C