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Save The Helm

URBAN PIONEER: Buy the Tacoma Dome for $50

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Avast, me larkies, the fate of The Helm gallery lays on the balance. There yet be a bastion of pirate expression on the sea of this “renaissance.“ A rogue wave amongst so many of the same marketable arts galleries. Very little of what hangs on the walls of the Helm is safe to bring into the palace of the Queen, but that is exactly why it needs to remain. You scallywags! You brutes! How many of you have toured the Helm, finding yourselves face to face with the future, inspiring your minds, sipping their fine beverages, provided for you free of charge? And we would sit back on our laurels and allow the very steering mechanism of our glorious ship to sink (not unlike so many before it). Curses!

Ten thousand thundering typhoons be upon all that weigh anchor whilst that fine gallery finds its way to Davy Jones’ Locker! Arise my brothers and sisters of the arts, take hold The Helm and steer her from the jagged rocks of unpaid rent!

Sean Alexander and Peter Lynn share the capitanship of this wonderful steering mechanism for the young art world here in Tacoma. “The only way places like this can stay open is if the community really wants them there. If this is an important spot to the community then we will find out. Personally, I am seeking a community (where) this sort of thing is supported.” Sean told me. This pirate hopes that Tacoma can keep hard working arrrrtists like Alexander and Lynn around through the rough seas.

In order to resuscitate his gallery from the depths, Alexander has drafted a 18-by-24-inch poster of every seaman’s favorite landmark, the Tacoma Dome, of which he will only make 300 prints. These pieces of precious parchment may be acquisitioned for a limited time at the extremely reasonable price of $50 per piece. Alexander’s art is sure to be a treasure investment not only in the Helm’s future, but also as a print that will grow in value for years to come. A third of the booty will go toward planking an artist to craft a mural downtown that will include the illustrious title or business name of everyone who showed their support by purchasing a poster. The mural artist will be quite diplomatically chosen by way of vote from the 300 poster owners, savvy?

Posters may be purchased at the Helm, located at 760 Broadway in downtown Tacoma on Antique Row, Blackwater Café (747 S. Fawcett, Tacoma), and Tacoma Art Supply (1552 Jefferson Ave., Tacoma).

For more information on the gallery and it’s current show Ahhhhhhh!!! Ha, go to

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