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Earning her tab

In thinking back on becoming the 32nd female soldier to earn a Ranger tab, 1Lt. Brittany Taylor neatly articulated the progress of history. "I do not think I have made history, but continued history," she wrote in an email.  "I am forever...

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Wa lawmaker pushes for better spending

  WASHINGTON - The chairman of the House Armed Services Committee said April 13 that his priority in 2021 is to find new ways for the Pentagon to spend its funding more effectively, as lawmakers continue to fight over how much money to give...

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Reservist on cutting edge of COVID-19 fight

For one who has come from nothing, Senior Airman Louis Shackelford has made a significant contribution to the struggle against COVID-19. "The first obstacle I had to overcome that still echoes through my life was growing up Black, extremely...


Magic therapy dogs

Beginning in 2013, my therapy partner, Wilson, and I began volunteering at the Minneapolis VA Medical Center. We were fortunate to get this opportunity through Pet Partners, and I am doubly fortunate because I, too, am a veteran, having...

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Vaccine update

Defense Department officials have said the department will be ready to offer COVID-19 vaccinations to all eligible beneficiaries by May 1, in keeping with a White House announcement that on that date, all Americans will be able to get...

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